Conscious coupling

Since when did we got so entwined in our life that we forget all about the most important aspect of our lives- our love life?. When was the last time you gave exclusive time to your relationship building? Is dating always the last thing on your mind? if you are also amongst the majority you are probably having enough excuses not dating your partner like before.

But like everything else relationships also need constant nourishment to flourish. A healthy relationship is based on regular communication with your partner..and by communication i mean the one on one ,exclusive quality time that the other half is longing for .

Benifits of having a healthy relationship:

1) Sense of security.

2)Low stress levels, Feeling of Relaxation .

3)Mental and physical well being.

4) Better productivity at work and home.

5)Improved energy levels.

6) fulfillment in all aspects of life.

And the list goes on... So what is stopping you from reaping all the benefits of a healthy relationship?

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