Date night revivals

Date Nights does that ring a bell in your head? Like it used to before the two of you got together. Maybe it does but then aren't we already doing a lot more in our life then to stop and think about date nights..hmm.. or should we be doing a Date rewind? It sure does seem like a nice idea to me especially if it means bringing back the spark in our love life, a little tiny break from monotony and some time off the kids just for ourselves. So, i decided to give it a go and on one fateful evening i dressed up all glamourous and did make up ,wore high heels, had my favourite perfume on..and ta da.. i thought i have just out did myself here..i mean come on.. who is this gorgeous lady?

( like i always think of myself as when i get ready) of course.

Well made dinner was giving me confidence, after all i had invested whole afternoon preparing for this evening ..so it should be a hit with "Mr.Husband" Right??. well, he did arrive on time much to my surprise so my heart was racing , even skipped a beat or two looking at him , Just waiting for him to take full notice and take me in his arms and declare his love for me like he hasn't in a long time . But back to reality he smiled , give a little peck and sat down on the sofa to watch some news like every other evening. So i thought let me give him some conversation starters and showed off my new dress and makeup that i spent my entire afternoon on planning ..He took a good look and said u look beautiful my love..And that's it back to what he was more interested in 'News'..Hah..that's it..i mean come on i'm doing everything i could to make it a date night for us and he has nothing much to say or do..Just a simple compliment?..I tried to give it one more shot..so i put on some romantic music, laid out the dinner and called him for dinner , on my third call he did arrive, ate the dinner and liked it, at this point i'm beaming with excitement about how this will end up just the way i had imagined..and then He very swiftly gets up gives me a nice kiss, only to tell me honey my office work is still pending and there is a deadline to meet..it killed the mood entirely for me..So, i was thinking all this for nothing..i did my regular household chores , got the kids to sleep and my date night idea rested in my head for a good two weeks!..Until i planned it differently ...How do you celebrate date nights folks?..



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