Seven elements of love

Quintessential to a rocking love life is understanding of what makes it so endearing in the first place. So here goes the seven elements of love that remain undiscovered by many but do need a stirring every now and then to make it worth the journey, Two souls take on the path of long lasting happy relationships!

1) Attraction:



4) Emotional connect

5) Intimacy

6) Declaration

7) Commitment

How well you keep these elements of love revitalized in your relationship lays foundation of future outcomes.

So, are you still crazy in love like in the initial phase of the relationship..maybe yes maybe not sure..

whatever be the situation never take each-other for granted if you do not want to be taken for granted.

It only takes something really small like a personalized love note to show you still are that much into your partner, not that they need proofs but reassurance and appreciation for their devotion to you will not hurt!

For ideas, why not try a unique couples gift like a date night box ,maybe if its theme based ,all the more exciting and motivating .

Imagine a date night with masquerade,poker setting with a glass of wine and gazing in each others mysterious eyes or up in his arms maybe?

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