Conversation starters/date night ideas for couples

Ever wondered what got you interested in your partner in the first place?.. was it there looks, intelligence, kindness, sense of humor or all of these and more. Whatever it was that got you interested, isn’t it still intriguing your sensibilities?

Maybe yes , maybe not so much. But as relationships evolve so do we and all of us change in certain ways when we are in relationships. Somethings stay , other things we have to let go.

Why do we struggle striking conversations these days with the one we lost our heart to? And by conversation i do not mean the usual grocery list discussion, kids school drop offs, office gossips etc. i mean the real ones , whats the most recent quality you noticed in your partner ? If you did, did you compliment them or what about their eyes .. they still say a thousand things to you all at once?

Here i can give some useful hints to get talking differently :

  1. What was the best part of your day honey?

  2. What made you smile today ?

  3. Did your coffee taste as good as it does with me?

  4. Do you look forward to the evenings just as much as i do?

and you can go on.. a bit differently for a change and see what happens.

For some unique couples gifting ideas try a home date night, spice up the evening and give them a good old hug! xoxo

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