5 things to do differently on your date night!

A little change here and there helps to break away from monotony in most routine things we do, same goes for date nights. it is supposed to be the fun one to one quality time we look forward to with our beloved partner but at times just the movie and dinner routine outside (even at a fancy place you go to) can become predictable and boring.

So here are some quirky ideas to brighten up your date nights:

  • Skip the flower bouquet routine swap with a handwritten floral note instead to convey your feelings, Say something you have missed out on saying to your partner and surprise them. hint: message in a bottle could be sweet.

  • Go for stargazing together, visit the nearest planetarium that could be something interesting.

  • Cooking a meal together from scratch and setting up the table might not seem new or interesting but it does encourage conversation and partnership which is fundamental to date night anyway!

  • Include a fun card game in your date, it could lead to other interesting things later on, who knows.

  • Bank your love notes to each other after each date. It will be really nostalgic by the time you read it at the end of the year. just think about it.

For trying on unique gifting for couples a date night gift basket wont be a bad idea..hmm..just saying

Always seal it with a kiss! now, this doesn’t need any change

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