Detox recipe: For your relationship!

Relationships are like our body in many ways, if you just think about this analogy you will agree with me. what you put in has its effects on its functionality! Like we take care of our bodies by exercising, eating sensibly, keeping our routine in check, etc similarly our relationships are in need of care all the time, not something we can overlook and let it run on Auto-pilot.

So, what is required you ask? Should I always be singing love songs or dancing around saying I love you to my partner, keep sending flowers, gifts to them perhaps? Although none of these is a bad idea but these are not the only things your other half is asking from you. 'Undivided attention' to what they have to say, perhaps makes a better gift!

But are we doing that enough? let's discuss some of the toxins like when we are on a fitness plan and do a No carbs only fruits diet (our detox day)😉 Similarly Detox for relationships can make them a bit healthier.

Identifying toxins in a relationship:

1) Digital overload

2) Work-life imbalance

3) Selective hearing

4) Criticism and ridicule: One or both people constantly criticize and put the other person down. ...

5)Lack of communication. ...

6)Loss of emotional intimacy. ...

7)Disengagement. ...

8)Passive-aggressive behavior. ...

9)Inability to forgive. ...

10)Codependent behavior. ...

11)Substance abuse.

12) Lack of respect

13) Low physical intimacy

14)Keeping secrets/Dishonesty with partner

Although there are some other factors involved as well but here we are just discussing the ones we have control over or are directly related to the couple's own habits.

Recipe for detox:

Now let's come to the things we can do to improve our relationships with the love of our lives💖

Things you can start doing today:

1) Digital Detox Day🚫- Decide on a mutually agreeable day and time( could be as little as one hour of gadget-free zone)

In order to reap the maximum benefits of this detox recipe, we need to have a full planner for our detox days ( which I'll be sharing soon)

2) Create a balance between work life👨‍🏫 and love-life😘

3)Your Attention and engagement in partner conversation make them calmer and they feel cared for.

4) Resolve Negative feelings: No one likes to stay in a constant war zone!

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