Planning for a wedding amidst a lockdown

You are in love and the date has finally been set, your heart is racing just counting the days till the big day. But wait there's a global pandemic in the mix now!

So what are you to do? Scratching your head.. not really..hmm..admit it, canceling the venue,

postponing the date, changing the invitations and the list goes on.

Wedding planning is no small affair howsoever big or small might be your budget or gathering.

From the proposal to saying 'I do' a lot needs to be planned for and arranged. Think perhaps about the venue, dress, cake, catering, invites phew..and it's not even half of the complete list.

Some smart planning might be required to make the best use of TIME on hand here's how:

  1. Book a wedding photographer: Always wanted a styled photoshoot on your special day, well now might be the time to book one especially when many are offering good discounts on top of being the very best. one such wedding photographer, we came across during our research is La Rosa weddings www.larosaweddingsphotography.co.nz.

Just some of their work we love for more do visit their website linked above.

2. Go web/window shopping: say yes to the dress ( shortlist designs )

Being a bride to be you already know how important it is to say YES to the right dress, isn't it?

well not only does the perfect dress selection become a priority for brides to be but also the fitting of the dress, its color and most importantly the budget of your dress is something that seeks attention.

But while you cannot physically go out just as yet to try it on, browsing through some lovely bridal dresses on local shops is a good idea since who knows you might just find the 'One'.

We also shared some useful tips and planning resources in an earlier blog post of ours if you would like to see here is the link: https://www.lovexpresso.co.nz/post/self-help-for-bridal-woes-avoid-the-ohh-no-before-you-get-hitched

3) Negotiate a deal for the wedding venue

Whether you are getting married in a church, by the beach or in your back yard chances are a reception venue might still be something you are searching for.

Let's say whenever it might be feasible in the coming months. So, why settle for less and now might be the time to book a venue of your choice which was earlier overbooked or not in the picture at all.

4) A video call wedding?

As funny as that might have sounded if someone suggested that to you a few months back, now it is being adopted by many couples who simply cannot wait to get hitched and how. Trending or not it is one option for sure think about the smitten couples who are over the top in love and ready to say 'I DO'!

But wait, do arrange for a wedding celebrant before making that video call to relatives though :)

check out https://celebrants.dia.govt.nz/

5) Beauty is in the hands of an aesthetician

Haha not literally, but they can, of course, help you to enhance your natural features. while many high-end beauty salons could be on your wish list, similar results can be achieved for less at times if you research well or have a recommendation handy. In this case, you got a recommendation of our most favorite beauty salon Crowning Glory in the Auckland city located at 534 Sandringham Road. their web link for bookings and enquires for your reference: https://www.facebook.com/riyascrowningglory/

P.S make enquires and bookings well in advance, after lockdown might be a busy time.

6) Wedding gift for bride or groom

Planning for a special/thoughtful gift for your beloved is no easy task. It can be something small like a promise rose

Or a customized hamper of all their favorite things inside but littlest of things can help you to mark your special day in your own way.

And if you are an artsy soul create a keepsake instead that sweeps them off their feet every time they look at it ..well..literally it can.. like a Star map poster marking your first day as Mr & Mrs.!

Keep it stylish whatever you decide, follow your heart and enjoy this phase too.., think of it this way 'got more time to make it perfect' be better prepared to rock that new bride look.

Every plain jane can let her tied up bun loose, well once in a while right!


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