Star maps: all you need to know!

There's something magical in those stars that captivate our attention for endless hours of stargazing.

Now imagine star gazing on a summer night by the beachside holding hands with the one you love, surreal to say the least.

While you can't go back in time, to sight those stars again of that starry night that got you what you hold so close to your heart. Star maps take you back to the exact moment you first met, your first kiss or your wedding date. so, special isn't it?

The nostalgic feeling you get each time looking at those same stars makes it worth your while. Ever thought of getting one made?

Well, chances are you already know what a star map is and it's on your wish list or you just discovered them and now need to know what's the deal. In either case, you will find this post useful. Because we are answering all the questions people generally ask us about star maps.

  1. First of all YES star maps designed by Lovexpresso are a genuine representation of astronomical star pattern on the chosen date, time and place. We use location coordinates, telescopic views of the night sky as seen through a variety of telescopes ( astronomy software sightings).

2. What print sizes we offer?

From as small as 6x 8 inch to 16 x 20 inch. That's right up to A2 poster size.

Note: if you would like bigger sizes like A1 or A0 simply ask us.

3. Can we send framed versions?

Usually, we can. Ask for a quote.

4. Why we don't offer an automatic rendering of your maps like other big companies do in the USA? You might have seen some like starry maps, under the lucky stars or night sky map etc.

The reason simply is, we offer a more customized solution, such that our star maps are unique in every way. You can get them designed as different or similar to the popular ones as you might like. Other reason being we are a proudly NZ owned and operated small business where we have our own designer working on all your orders to ensure the topmost quality of your end product.

5. You are not sure how your map would look like in print!

Well, the good news is, now we are offering a FREE sample image to help you decide whether to go ahead with a particular design or make changes. No obligation to buy if you don't like the sample. Now that's easy.

6. Can I ask for changes multiple times, if I don't like the first sample?

Well YES and NO.

Yes, if you are ok with the overall idea and have made the payment, Now want minor changes made like text/ font/ background colour etc we are happy to keep editing till you love your map.

NO, if you are wanting an exact replica of some design you saw somewhere else, sorry we don't copy others designs! You are welcome to ask for an inspired version but we will not be able to copy or infringe copyrights. ( we would hate to see ours copied, so that's not feasible).

6. What time frame is expected to deliver star maps?

It depends on your choice of print size, detailing required, framing or just digital copy needed. Usually, we are able to send it across within 3-5 working days.

7. What paper do you use for prints?

Only the best, we use premium paper of at least 200 GSM or more. Preference remains for long-lasting tear-proof paper.

8. Are star maps only for anniversary or wedding-specific?

Absolutely NOT true, they are perfect for baby birth prints, birthday's, mother's/father's day and many more occasions.

Now, that you know how we can help with custom star map prints and posters do not miss out on your masterpiece!

Ready? Order here: https://www.lovexpresso.co.nz/star-maps-unique-keepsakes

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