Survival guide for mums/dads and kids: self-isolate not fret!

The COVID-19 or coronavirus has created panic, anxiety, increasing uncertainty around essential supplies, business/employment or general uneasiness for kids in your family and you are finding it hard to contemplate how you are to make it less stressful for yourself and others especially the little humans.

Thinking about the situation for when they finally do have their school holidays and the real circus begins!

Chances are it's not going to be an easy ride with you and partner already trying to make work from home "WORK" somehow without being mundane and overbearing 😶

If these are some of your concerns you are not alone, secondly and most importantly if these are your only concerns coz you are healthy and the actual infection is not your main area of distress at this time. breathe a sigh of relief. why? You ask, simply because you still got the best of you and family whom you love with you right at home.

Why not make the best use of this time together? Think about it.

Here we have some handy tips and ideas for getting the Work from home, work for you, see how:

1) Self-care and development tips:

This situation that you are finding yourself in is not the one, you chose to be in( in the first place) but being where you are right now might be the protocol/ need of the hour or simply something you cannot run away from!

Now, if you agree to what I just said keep reading for how to make it a blessing in disguise and your most productive time yet.

How you ask? well for starters write down or type down a Time table/make use of a planner (printable linked below) or howsoever you usually chart out tasks.

Then divide your time in core areas you have been thinking of putting in your energies for a long time. The results might surprise you and being more productive than ever before could be achieved faster than you originally thought.

Achieve your personal fitness goals, now that you can! here use this free printable template to set your targets or reference it to make your own.

Work out planner
If however, you are in the mood for some chocolatey indulgence try these recipes by Kim Oliver of The Chocolate Tour.

*Did you know, you can even order some of the best artisan chocolates (NZ made) as one-off buys or as subscriptions from Kim, your very own Chocolate curator. Well, now you do.

Some pampering for you, well go for it.

Ideas to use at home could include:-

Spa night at home: Have some relaxing music playing in the background and set up the bath with some bath petals/hand made soaps available in leading supermarkets or better still buy from a local NZ business like Our personal favorites https://www.skyecandleandbodycare.co.nz

not only do they have excellent quality but the range is phenomenal too with great prices. Have some hot towels ready and get ready to soak right in. just thinking of that relaxes my nerves..:)

Retail therapy from home: why not buy that little black dress you have been thinking about or what about those man shorts that need a cool T-shirt to go with? hmm... I have given you some ideas and now that most retailers are offering great deals or free delivery make most of it. ( right from your sweet home).

Home decor ideas to think about:-

Your home is the mirror to your personality they say, and a small update to those bare walls or out of style artifact won't harm.

Star map prints that not only look stylish for any space but are also personalized to your specific date/time and place making it a great keepsake as well!

Other prints like Love (geographic) maps and Custom illustration cards are also linked below for your reference that is trending at the moment.

www.lovexpresso.co.nz/shop for reference

If print art is not your thing but you still like beautiful things, what about long-lasting preserved roses in a dome?

They last for more than a year and require minimal care plus can be kept as a centerpiece or gifted to loved ones.

2) Couple time/ date nights with your honey without spending a lot of money!

Reality check apart from weekends/planned holidays both of you are not used to spending this much time together, even if you are, certainly not juggling parenting/working from home, managing the house all at the same time!

But to restore some balance & rekindle the sparks amidst this time of complete confusion it might be helpful to try home date nights which enhances understanding and positivity in the household along with keeping you two happy.

Making it more interesting won't harm either, now would it?

What about a planned home date night? Theme specific plus engaging, something you can do right at home after the kids go to bed. Sounds good? YES..then check out linked resource/freebie to help you sail along.

Free Resource as promised, click the link below to download a date night plan with printables to enjoy a romantic scavenger hunt at home.

Click here>> http://bit.ly/3927nP0

For Brides to be: Your Sweetheart Popped the question already or think you have that lined up? check out some pretty bridal dresses that are affordable and stylish by Dear bride NZ


3) Managing kids, keeping them entertained and occupied.

Let's face it keeping the kids occupied in a creative way is not always the easiest of things or doable especially when you have your hands full with work and managing the home at the same time. its time like these when a little help in planning can prove instrumental in restoring calm and sanity to the chaos.

What's better than a Pre-planned activity sheet for kids? A 150+ activity sheet, that is, linked below for your reference.


So, while you work, you can have your little humans constructively engaged in some brain gyming and not just watching the telly or playing video games.

So, go ahead and give yourself a pat on back --Mummy guilt sorted and kids benefit from these..YAY!

(I got this from someone who shared it on Facebook. original source >> this group >>Montessori Inspired Homeschooling )

Takeaway points: Give your and your family's Mental health priority at this unpredictable and uncertain time, try to consciously relax and take time to adjust to your new routine. Your kids, spouse, fur baby and you can survive this if you set your mind to it!

Kia Kaha, New Zealand

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