Wedding flowers: Ideas for Brides and Grooms !

Can you imagine gifting a Forever beautiful rose to your bride to be /love of your life right before she is going to walk down the aisle or right at the altar for your wedding vows?

A commitment to her in its most elusive form -A long-lasting Rose which she may look at for years to come and still smile in the same way with the joy of becoming your Mrs.

They say if you want to see a Beautiful rose, feel it instead. This is particularly true in the case of gifted ones. Can you forget memories of your first bunch gifted by someone special? Maybe not, now imagine having them kept as a keepsake which can be cherished looking the same over the years!

Ecstatic feelings will fill you up, wouldn't they? Now it is possible to keep your lovely's looking as gorgeous as you first received them.

The BIG answer is- YES :)

Here's how----

Flower preservation techniques can be made to good use for your personal flower arrangements such as -

1) Drying method: Air drying your flowers can be an easy and handy method not requiring much prep or care. Simply tie your bunch on the bottom end and hang them to dry somewhere away from moisture or direct sunlight. The result will be a crispy flower bunch in a matter of 4-5 days depending on the weather. but the resulting flowers might lose their original color, shape, and texture to a certain extent which is expected. One can create beautiful framed box art or floral wreaths etc.

2) Pressing the flower:

This one is the most commonly used technique that you might have tried as a kid yourself. The pressed flowers help us refresh those memories suddenly when we come across them in between our book or note pad. They do lose their shape and fragrance but still, retain structure and color (slight fading at max). One idea to make use of these is creating a shadow box wall hanging that can go nicely on your living room wall. Or Stick them on to your scrapbook and caption them with your favorite Quotes.

3) Professional Preserving method:

Now, if you are looking for retaining the flower as it was when you received it, you might want to get it professionally preserved. What are your options:

a) Freeze drying at Industrial level

b) Chemical drying ( non-toxic)

Both of these methods would result in your flower retaining its shape, structure, color to a major extent and light fragrance as well. As shown here in the picture.

Life of this flower is expected to be at least one year but can easily last for more than 3 years depending on the minimal care you take based on care instructions that come with the product.

Simply keep them away from

a) Direct sunlight

b) Water/moisture

c) Dust

d) Mis handling

All of which can happen if you keep them inside the protective casing they come with.

Plenty of options then become available such as:

- Dome rose showpiece as in the Movie 'Beauty and the beast'.

- Square box centerpiece with fairy lights like this one here

Create a Unique Anniversary gift like this one here which turns into a night lamp as well!

So, what are you waiting for next time if you are looking for a unique gifting idea for your beloved or anyone you love for that matter think of Aroha Rose range by Lovexpresso!

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