What is inside the Date night box?

Your excuse to stay invested in your relationship!

It Can't be easier than this to explain the concept of dating your spouse 🥰

Many people have the same questions as you, in case you are also wondering what is there in the box? Is it just food-sweet treats mostly..hmm

A very simple answer to this question is NOPE...Nada.. not true!

Then, what is it? Pictures don't give away every detail..now do they!

Hold on a bit, stay with me here for the answers😃

  1. What's inside?

Ans: Every Date box comes prepared as an experience-based

'date night set up' which is activity-based like a relationship exercise which is based on an exciting new theme each time.

2. What supplies are included with the box?

Ans: Your box will come with a romantic themed Activity set like 1 to 2 of the following- Game/quiz/challenge/dance/role play etc;

Food supplies: Sweet treats premium selections to make up your mood + savoury snacks to keep your taste buds happy.

Drinks: Hot or cold

Conversation starters: customized to suit.

Fun facts about relationships

Curated romantic tracks = Music

3. Do you offer Subscriptions or one-off buys?

Ans: Both

4. How do I order?

Ans: Go to this page


Or, 》www.lovexpresso.co.nz/date-night-boxes-one-off-buys

Or, 》www.lovexpresso.co.nz/plans-pricing

5. I still need help😶

Ans: No worries 😇 as long as you are interested in our Date boxes..we can sort this out for you..Message us on chatbox or email us - info@lovexpresso.co.nz

6. Can you suggest a pack for me, I'm not sure what I want?

Ans: Of course, we can! Simply reach out to us and stay connected here like on our 》Facebook page:

We love to sort out things for you😊

7. It's our anniversary and its kinda extra special this year..can I get My box designed any more luxurious?

Ans: Yes..absolutely! Try our booking service 》》www.lovexpresso.co.nz/book-online

Once, you book a Free consultation with us, we will attend exclusively to you and collect your brief ideas to cook up a phenomenal date night experience under $100.

Now, that you know

let's begin😍


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