Aroha long lasting roses are a perfect gift for the one you love, Be it for your Mum/Dad on mothers/fathers day or their birthday, friends* or for your wedding day for your spouse or for gifting it to your partner on their birthday they will truly cherish this no maintenance and fragrant rose that stays strong over the years just as your love for them.*we can provide these in other colors like yellow/white/pink etc available on demand!

Aroha Rose ( preserved 3D Rose)

SKU: Aroharose
  • These Long lasting Roses are self maintaned mostly, you may just buy and enjoy for up to a year or more. Simple care tips can further their life however:

    • Keep them in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
    • keep them in their casing to avoid any dust particles settling in.
    • As far as possible do not take the rose out of their casing and press too hard on it or mis handle them, they are delicate afterall.
    • Preserved means they are retaining their beautiful appearance and light natural fragrance.



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