If you love the idea of Customized Star map prints in Poster sizes like A2 or the likes these will suit you just right. Happy to discuss requirements and design your masterpiece!


Design link: http://bit.ly/2XdERnv

Big Poster prints: Star map

    • Our star maps are based on actual calculations using selected  day/date & place with their GPS coordinates to generate star  patterns/constellations as close to real-time as possible.  
    • We use astronomical images based on Virtual telescope project 2.0  (EU) and then designer made Star map is prepared after  consultation with you.  we try to cater to the needs for personalization such that these  maps are not auto-generated ones.  
    • Paper used for printing: Dura print 120 GSM ( to suit best display  output)  ​DuraPrint is an extraordinary paper product, with strength and  durability that far exceeds ordinary paper. It's water resistant, and  pretty much impossible to rip. It can be handled time and again  without wearing or fading, plus you can still write on it.  DuraPrint is perfect for printing things that you need to last - like  your precious star map,plans, graphics, posters etc.  
    • Framing guideline: when choosing a frame go for a thin bezel  frame(black & gold border) since it looks stunning.  Hope you like your star map as much!  



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Auckland, New Zealand

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