Mystery date night theme where your box will come packed with surprise elements to keep it exciting!

( hint: choose this option if- you like to get pleasantly surprised and would like being pampered).

we aim to help with your home date night planning and keep you closer to the one you love without breaking the bank.


*More information and pictures available for interested buyers!


Date night planning that makes it easier for you to express your feelings. One-off buy making it ideal for a trial, occasional gift for friends and family. Wedding/anniversary gifts for you or a friend that is sure to impress with its charm.


**For list of contents see the gallery or ask us at info@lovexpresso.co.nz!

Gift of love

Mystery date night theme
Price Options
One-time purchase
Trial a Subscription
Subscribe and save!
$45.00monthly/ 3 months
  • Back to the  old school of romance..a vintage date night theme will be super fun to rekindle the sparks!

    more information and pictures available for interested buyers!



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